Las Vegas – April 2019 – ProTelevision Technologies (“ProTV”) announces an upcoming significant strengthening of foundation and operational potential

According to Morten Simonsen of ProTelevision – “After several years of Financial Inverstors ownership we are happy to announce that it’s in the final step the PTV acquisition from Elenos Group. This coming change of ownership will represent a unique and multifaceted beneficial opportunity for ProTelevision – at all levels of the organization. There are literally only positive aspects of this for ProTelevision. To start with, we will now be part of a strong and dedicated group within our industry, which brings numerous advantages including access to industry professionals in all areas of operations. Among many advantages, this will bring us improved business intelligence, access to large R&D and purchasing/manufacturing resources, and opportunity of economy of scale as well as, naturally, the funding required to be able to take on even larger investments in our technology than hitherto possible – thereby strengthening our product offering and hence, the appeal to our customers

ProTV intends to continue the focus on its single hardware, multi-standard modulator/exciter platform. On this platform, the P3 platform, ProTV already offers state-of-the-art performance in all major digital TV standards. The company’s digital echo-cancellation in the repeater/translator mode of operation continues to be recognized as the best of the industry.

With the coming ownership change, we will be in a position where we can also include the different digital radio standards onto our hardware platform.” says Mr. Simonsen. “In this sense, the platform becomes the one stop modulator/exciter – easy and powerful!

Please visit us at the NAB at booth N6406 – we will be delighted to show the P3 modulator/exciter – even today, the same hardware platform can be software configured for the following waveforms (even booting in between any combination of them – without having to go on site):
DVB (T/T2)
ATSC (legacy, 3.0)
ISDB-T (including Remux)
Analog (PAL, NTSC)

Established in 1963, ProTelevision was established as Philips TV Test and Measurement in Copenhagen, Denmark, part of the Dutch Philips NV organization (around 300,000 employees at that time). ProTelevision developed and manufactured its first TV modulator/exciter for analog TV in 1964 – some of these in daily operation even today. Over the years, ProTelevision has consistently been a major supplier of TV modulation technology to TV networks all over the world.

Established in 1977, Elenos is a world-leader in the design of FM transmitters with a focus on compact design, reliability, and quality. Elenos Group transmitters provide best of class energy efficiency with more than 60,000 transmitters installed in over 100 countries.


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