PT3163 ATSC 3.0 OEM Modulator

The PT3163 ATSC 3.0 OEM modulator from ProTelevision Technologies is the most advanced and future proof modulation solution in the Broadcasting market.

It provides maximum integration flexibility for transmitter manufacturers on a software defined and future proof platform fully prepared for IP content distribution with 4 IP Gb ports for input and control with individual Mac Addresses and Seamless switching support.

It accepts also dualcast configuration:ATSC 1.0 & ATSC 3.0 on the same modulator board.

The remarkable performance and robustness of the PT3163, makes it the perfect choice for your VHF and UHF ATSC 3.0 transmitters.


Adaptive Precorrection


Optipower Precorrection


SFN and MFN compliant

By Default

ATSC 1.0 support


Frequency Agile from 30MHz to 860 MHz

By Default



Internal precision up to 0.01ppm

2ppm by default

Layered Division Multiplexing


Multiple PLPs and Multiple subframes

by default

Automatic Level Control


Why ProTelevision?

Accepts ATSC 1.0 support – So both ATSC 1.0 and ATSC 3.0 Can be loaded on a single board and change from one to the other by a simple reboot of the unit.
Layered Division Multiplexing Support. The feature of the future. Read more
Most advanced technology in precorrection and crest factor clipping, provides extra MER performance to be translated into a higher transmitter efficiency Read more
Fully IP ready modulator: 4 x 1Gb ETH ports, 2 of them dedicated for control/management and 2 for IP input. All of them with individual MAC addresses. Read more
Most intuitive and professional WEB Graphical User Interface, With possibility of logo customization.
Different possibilities of internal precision oscillators to comply with the minimum requirements of each client. Read more
GNSS : GPS & GLONASS support. Advanced positioning system module capable of supporting GPS and GLONASS satellite simoultaneously.
Automatic Level Control feature to correct on the RF output level deviations of the existing transmitter/amplifier.
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